Whether it’s a vehicle accident or any other serious personal injury, you need an experienced lawyer by your side.

It happens in an instant. A car runs a red light. Or one fails to stop at a stop sign. Everyday, people swerve from one lane to another because they’re distracted. Trucks switch lanes and run cars off the road. Distracted drivers rear-end cars in stop and go traffic.

Repairs are expensive and medical costs are high. Don’t go it alone when an insurance company calls. They are not your friend. They try to get you to settle cheaply. You need a lawyer to protect your interests.


Vehicle Accident Experience

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to vehicle accidents. For decades, I’ve been protecting the interests of clients. That means I know what can happen with medical bills, medical treatments and the cost of vehicle repairs.

More importantly, I know how insurance companies work and how they try to operate in their best interests, not in the best interests of the injured. So, a big part of what I do is fight with them on my clients’ behalf to get the compensation they need and deserve.

Serious Personal Injuries

Sometimes there’s a serious accident that doesn’t involve vehicles. And someone gets seriously injured. It can get complicated, especially with insurance companies in the picture. Whether you come to me for help, or not, you need an experienced lawyer to protect your, or a loved one’s, interests and get fair compensation.