Steps to Take If You Have an Automobile Accident

Obviously check to see if anyone is injured. If anyone is injured immediately called 911.
If any air bags have deployed verify that no one is injured. Airbag deployment can cause serious injury.

Immediately upon exiting your car photograph all other vehicles. It is not uncommon for uninsured motorists to wait for the other driver to exit the vehicle before speeding off. So have your smart phone ready and as soon as you leave your vehicle be prepared to photograph the license plates of all vehicles involved in the accident, as well as all damage or lack of damage.

Exchange pertinent information with other drivers, such as driver’s license and insurance information. If you have a smart phone, photograph the driver’s license and insurance cards of all other drivers. Then photograph the accident scene including all vehicles and license plates. Make sure the photographs show the damage to all vehicles. It is helpful to take a 360° video, standing at the center of the accident scene, and rotating 360° around the entire accident scene. This will show all road conditions, street signage, traffic lights, pedestrians, all other vehicles, drivers and passengers.

If the police or paramedics arrive at the scene make sure to get contact information of all emergency personnel. This will help later on when trying to obtain a police report or ambulance report.

If possible, get the names, address and telephone numbers of all witnesses.

When giving a report to the police stick to the facts and don’t editorialize. Be careful how you characterize the accident as it’s not possible to determine how the police will write the report.  What you say may be sued against you by the insurance company.  If you’re injured, no matter how minor, say so.  Don’t try to be strong and act like you’re not hurt.  The insurance company will also try to use that against you.

Lastly, call an experienced personal injury attorney.