Make your insurance company pay you for a loss

An all too common occurrence is when a consumer, after years of paying insurance premiums, suffers an injury or a loss from an accident and the insurance company refuses to pay. All of a sudden, there is some fine print or obscure definition in your insurance policy that the insurance company points to and says your injury or loss is not covered and that they are not going to pay.  Many personal injury lawyers would walk away and refer to you an appellate attorney.  At Angelo & Di Monda, we do our own appellate work for you.

How to beat the “fine print” excuse from an insurance company.

The personal injury lawyers at Angelo & Di Monda do not accept insurance companies’ excuses. In a recent decision by the California Court of Appeal, in a case titled Mercury Casualty Insurance Company v. Hung Chu, Mercury insurance refused to pay on a claim that a jury found was worth over $300,000.00. Mercury pointed to obscure language in its automobile policy and claimed that the loss was not covered. Angelo & Di Monda challenged Mercury Insurance Company’s interpretation all the way through the Court of Appeal and won.

In a stinging unanimous decision against Mercury Insurance, Mercury was told that its policy exclusion was against the public policy of the State of California and that it violates the California insurance code.

Quitters never win.

Many other lawyers would have walked away, but not the personal injury lawyers at Angelo & Di Monda. They stay with you to the end. They exhaust every appeal, and help you to force your insurance company to cover your losses.

Whether it’s a loss from an automobile accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or any kind a loss suffered by you, when your insurance company says “No,” call Angelo & Di Monda and we will help you to get them to say “Yes.”